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I am writing in regards to how big business always tries to screw people who won't back down.

On April 11th, 2014,   I received a water bill for the amount of $499.11 , needless to say my mother and I was in shock.


We called the New Chicago Water department and Alicia Barber answered, she said the meter reading is correct, and that it would be a $25.00 free for her to come out and reread the meter.


Now granted the water department is only 2 miles away, and that it is ridiculouse to charge a $25.00 fee for someone to do their job, but they need every nickel and dime they can for their corrupt little town.


Alicia came and was very sarcastic towards my mother and I, she said that the meter never breaks and the meter is never wrong.


Ok people, everything breaks at one point in time, and nothing lasts forever, but remember we are trying to put someons in the realm of reality but they are stuck in fantasy land.


I told her that there is no way in hell 2 people used 81,000 gallons of water, she stated well the bills from January till March were estimated and they must account for the difference in the bill.


I said no because we only use between 2,000 and 5,000 per month and we paid for that amount used on the estimated bills, well she sarcastically said, well you must have a leak in the house


She said make sure all of the water is off in the house and she'll look at the meter again, we all looked at the meter and she stated that the meter was not moving.


Now if I had a leak that had caused 81,000 gallons of water, I am sure I would have seen something somewhere, but no, nothing at all.


She said well the bill is accurate and you can make payments, I said Bullshit, I have to pay $500 a month for my mother's chemo therapy and I am on a fixed income due to disability.


She was being very anal, I said your water department was here in December and they worked on the meter in the front yard and they were here in March and worked in the front yard, but in March there was a lot of water in the front yard, and there was two workers working on it for a half hour.


She said well any water that goes through the meter is my problem.


The meter we have here is in the ground in a manhole that's 3 feet round by 3 feet deep, it was made in 1963.


The New Chicago Water Department subcontract's water from Indiana American Water.

New Chicago Water department is seperate from most utilities and it is not regulated by the IURC Indiana Regulatory Commission.


The worse part about this is the fact the City of Lake Station will slam me with a $499 bill as well for sewer service, the Lake Station Sewer Dept bases their bills on a percentage of what is used and billed on the New chicago water bill.


The Town of New Chicago is a small entity located between Hobart and Lake Station, Indiana, it is a small town that has been known for corruption and for having people getting privileges for relatives with political ties that are in the town.


This is not a joke or an exaguration, most people who leave in or near the town will tell you the same.


This past winter between December 2013 and March 2014, There were two water main breaks in my neighborhood, both of which were handled terribly by the New Chicago water Department.


The last break they had the bright idea of working on it at night time, Genius, and they flooded the streets in my neighborhood and it caused a layer of ice that was over a foot thick in some areas, it damaged the streets, the county highway dept has been patching up New Chicago's mess.


But I am going to fight this bill and get the word out to warn others.